Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Working Mom

I've been reading articles about Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!. About how having a baby is fun and easy and work is just the same. I see how people are very antiMarissa. She's able to build her own nursery, bring her child into work, yet tell everyone that you can no longer do your work at home while they take care of they're children.

Here's one comment I found that was particularly cruel:

"Sounds like she doesn’t think of being a mother as the biggest honor and hardest job because she’s not committed to it. She’s more committed to her work. What a shame for the baby. She probably has many people or at least a full-time Nanny raising her son. She sounds completely disconnected to her child and doesn’t understand the important role of a mother. I feel very sorry for her son and extremely sorry for anyone who tries to work for her. This is not a family friendly environment. She doesn’t get it. People like her should not be parents and should not have the power to make decisions like this for so many other families and women. She’s bad news and not mother material."

The person that posted this seems to have a little better then thou, I'm better mommy then you attitude. Just stoopid.

Being a working mom is hard. Its sucks. I've been working since GL was 1 month. Why, cause that's all the time my job at the time would give me. Yea I had to pump in a bathroom, yea I had to unfortunately be away from my baby. It was a brutal heart wrenching moment. Hardest thing I have EVER done. In this world to survive and keep a baby alive is to work. To make money for the endless diapers, wipes, formula, clothes and everything else you need to work.

For my husband and I, it just seems to work out. I work 1st shift and when I get home, he goes to work. I'm so thankful for that and not have to worry about daycare or babysitters.

Yet, I've always been envious of my husband cause he can stay home with our son. He gets all the good and bad moments. In the same sentence I have the highest respect for my husband for going through all the insane, mind bending moments of a new parent. Don't get me wrong, I was right there with him when I got home. I still had to breastfeed, make purees and have a functional relationship with my husband. We've gone through some hard times that it felt like we were roommates more then anything. Thankfully we got over that.

Now with the job I have now, it's even harder. My job is as I say "professional gunslinger." I'm out on the streets on a route doing what we do. If anything happens to my family, I'm pretty much f'd. I can't just drop what I'm doing and rush to my family's side. It's a looooong process to get to that. It sucks.

SO back to Marissa Mayer. Just cause she's a multitasking she-ra and can juggle Yahoo and being a mom, why discipline the rest of the company. I've always had the mentality of "why piss off your employees?? They are making the profit for the company." If her employees did an excellent job doing their work from home, why change it? How does it benefit you to have pissed off people on your hands? Whatever, obviously she knows what she's doing if she's the CEO of freaking Yahoo.

To read the story about Marissa Mayer:

Friday, February 22, 2013

Poisoning the Well

So if you're awesome and follow my facebook page, you'll see that I posted something about a kid getting his milk spiked with alcohol. It's not my kid and I still feel a slight rage about it. I just don't seem to understand it. A friend posted about another kid that brought alcohol to school and the dad was more interested in the bottle then worrying about the kid. What the f is going on?!?

I drink...on occasion...ok right now... and I totally condone drinking to people over 21, but bringing it to school?? I don't want this to sound weird or anything but I would expect a high schooler to pull that shit (spiking of the milk...they would know those two liquids don't mix.) NOT elementary.

I mean, GL can't even open the fridge so I'm not too worried about that now. Even though he likes to attack cups, bottles, coffee mugs, pretty much anything that has something drinkable in. Just know that when he gets bigger and taller everything will be counted for.

Maybe I will be like my parents after all. Putting that damn sneaky line on bottles so they know. Yea I know usually you'd be able to see it, but my mom is the queen of hiding/sneaky/knowing. For example: we all have chores growing up right. Well, when I had to dust and vacuum the living room and did a half ass job. My mom ALWAYS knew. Like she would find that one picture frame that I forgot to pretend move or that one string she placed (on purpose) where I forgot to pretend to vacuum. Yes, my language and your reading isn't bad. I really did "pretend" or "imagined" to do such chores always hoping I'd never get caught, which I did and had to do regardless. I apparently never learned my lesson.

I will try my hardest to keep you safe, happy, and the awesomest boy ever. I'll definitely try not to be that parent that pushes every little kid over just cause they were mean to you or took your toy, or whatever the story is. This world is filled with bullshit and I'll teach you how to overcome whatever comes on your path. You'll be my little loving warrior. Cause if you're not we messed up your name! jk.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Idea Of Shaving During Winter

It's winter...if guys can have beards why can't we have our winter fur?? I work outside in the freezing cold, I need a little bit more heat to keep from getting frostbitten. Ok, so I do wear two pair of socks, but the awesome thing of not shaving is that it's almost like having another pair of pants on or at least thigh highs that don't make your thighs into mushroom tops. My body can make babies AND generate hair to keep me warm. UUUUH-mazing!

 Why would I take it away?? Oh, you say cause of my husband eh. Well, I have that one already figured out. I wear knee high socks and it's his favorite. Soooo, when we're feeling frisky, all I gotta do is keep those suckers on and he'll never find out the hairy monsters my legs have become. Win win!

The rare moments he does see a little leg skin, I do get the horrified gasp and laughter as he's calling me a gorilla. Nice eh. The times GL sees me lift my pant leg (ok my pj pants) he has a tendency to run up to me and pet my leg...he must think we got another cat. Damnit, maybe it is time to get the scissors out and at least do a trim.

I'm definitely not saying I'm an amazon woman. I do care about the people around me and shave my fur legs...but ONLY if I know I'll be wearing shorts, or on rare occasions skirts.

My husband and I recently had a conversation about the whole leg shaving ordeal. (it must be bad if we have an actual conversation about it) A female bartender was near by and just for the hell of it (to see what side she'd take) I asked her how often, during winter, does she shave her legs. Don't worry it's not weird asking, we know her. Her answer: ALL THE TIME. What the f?! Who has time to shave twice a day, let alone once!? Ok, so I was a little shocked cause even during summer I may go a day or two without shaving. Sometimes three and that means I better pull out some pants. She heard both sides of the discussion...ok just my side since she was just as shocked that I don't do what she does. After 2 mins of arguing my case, she finally saw the light. "Yea ok, if you work outside and -10 degree weather it's not bad if you don't shave your spider monkey legs" Alright so that was a little paraphrasing but same shit. After the questioning, I definitely felt her giving me weird looks. What, I'm no longer a woman, cause I'm not a fan of shaving??! Thanks b, no tip for you! (jk, about that last part)

March is ahead of us and it should start getting somewhat nice out...right...right?!!? I'm not looking forward to having to shave the legs. Honestly at the state they're in now, it'll be a two day event. One leg a day, cause otherwise I'll be in there all freaking day. Let's hope for warm weather soon, just so you don't have to read another amazing blog about not shaving.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The weekend massacre edition

My mom (Lita) came down on Friday, which really means that GL forgot he even had parents. Mommy who?? This is the only time he will disown us. Nice, eh. Love you too, kid. It's defiantly nice to finally have a sitter. What's a word that's less then "rarity"?? Well whatever that word is, is how often the husband and I go out together and pretend we're childless. (Granted I did cave and showed pictures of the lil devil)

So to start the night out, we went to the movies to watch Mama. Yes I know, holy shit. Let's go see a horror movie about a psycho dad who abandons his kids, who get taken care of by a ghost. A lot of "awwws" came out my mouth. Like "aww, she broke her glasses" or "aww she's getting a hug from mama". The main one I remember is "awww hell...I'm going to mommyify if those damn kids don't shut the f up!" Being a pg-13 movie we had every talker, phone toting, little bastard between the ages of 13-15. FINALLY before I got to the hulk stage, security came in and kicked out a whole row of those gremlins. Now to really pay attention to the movie and enjoy my Bacardi and sprite.

As often as we don't go out, we had a hard time figuring out what to do next. Going home was not an option, so off to the local watering hole. For one beer to see what other ideas we could come up with. As we sat there chit chatting about, what else our son, some people we haven't seen in ages started showing up. Awesome. Things started looking up and soon one beer became...uuuhh...a lot. When outta no where it was last call. WHAT!!?? But we just got here!! ::sigh::

Again, thank god Lita was here, cause we haven't felt so insanely horrible in a long time. Body aches, headaches...and a little game of "where is my stuff". Not from me but the husband. After a night of drinking like we're 21, all I want to do is eat my weight in food. I don't care what it is...tamales, rice, cookies, chips, spicy chicken, whatever I can get my hands on and not have to share. So I had to hide in the kitchen a few times, cause someone has a fifth sense when it comes to cookies. Of course, our little GL is an angel when we're feeling like complete shit. Which is always a plus. I think I got my ass off the couch to either get food or more water. Not much else since my body was trying to replace all the alcohol with water, so it decided there was no need to take potty breaks.

Onto today. I'm an unfortunate soul that has to work on Sundays. I've pondered the idea of telling my job that I can't work Sundays cause I'm a hardcore catholic and the bible says it's a day for rest and other shenanigans. BUT since I work for the devil, that excuse wouldn't work. (Honestly, between you and me, I have said it to them...I've also said I can't work when it's raining out cause brown sugar melts. Just a fyi: those excuses don't work.)

Lita is now relaxing after a whole weekend of playing with GL. Grandmas totally rock! GL has finally re-owned us and we're the coolest freaking parents ever....soooo it's time to get back to our regularly scheduled show....let this week go lightning fast.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Watch out for the fat lil guy tomorrow!

 Honestly I've never been much of a Valentine's day kinda gal. Ask my husband...almost forgot last year! (my excuse is that GL was sick for the first time and time just lapsed) This pretty much goes for every holiday really. Except Halloween...where I go all sorts of crazy over. I think holiday merchandise has gone down in appeal. GL and I went to 2-3 different stores just looking for a freaking card! Feels like card makers have gone down and just plainly don't give a damn. Don't blame em. I wouldn't be all too excited about a chubby midget guy who is shooting arrows at people. Where's the self defense?!? Regardless, I can honestly say I can't wait till GL is finally old enough to make his own cards. Not just the regular scribble but ones that actually mean something cause he would REALLY think about who it's for. Annnnd it means all I gotta do is give him crayons/markers and paper. Not spend 3.99 on a card that you would hope the person receiving it would like.
All in all, now that I am married to a wonderful guy that puts up with my crap, this one is for him:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Here it goes...My first rodeo

After reading sooo many amazing, hilarious and inspiring mommy blogs, I decided to start one up. Why not. I have experience.
First off, I have a beautiful 2 year old, Gunnar Lee (remember his name for you will be reading much about this handsome devil) and an awesome rock star husband, Matt. We've been married for almost 3 years and have been together for almost 5...eternity! Included in the family are 3 furfaces, Baby, Stitch, and Skully....which at times seem worse then the 2 year old. Work full time that let's me have adult conversations...telling someone I have to go peepee or go to the potty is considered adult right??

Off we go onto the races.....