Friday, March 7, 2014


So as most you guys know, lil man is with Lita.

Aaaaand I finally get time off, 10 days to be exact, from work. (in 2 1/2 years)

Hubs, is at work...

I'm soooo freaking bored!

I've already watched movies, youtubed, painted my nails in the process....I think I may have to start being social outside of work. Ugh, ok, ok this whole friend/social thing has to kick in at sometime right??

Yea right, I totally suck at that aspect.

So now is time to entertain myself....I've been wanting this right? Why can't I have awesome ideas? Like, figuring out how to put makeup on or doing something with my fro.....probably cause I'm lame and content with no makeup (if I do, think Mimi from Drew Carey Show) or a bandanna totally means flair.

Since this is a rare moment, shouldn't I know what to do with myself?? Dancing alone is not as fun without a 3 year old next to you.

Believe me....I tried.

If this doesn't scream HERMIT, I don't know what it is.