Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pre-baby Dreams

Mr Lova Lova and I pre-everything (dating) days

I don't know why I've even thought about this 3 years later....pre-baby, pre-marriage dreams.

I was a thriving band/nature photographer...nature, weird...a bit, but it was relaxation. Bands...I was doing awesome. Had a lot of my pictures in albums and memorials. I was awesome from Illinois thru Minnesota. (at 20! I was expanding!)

I moved to Illinois to be closer to my friend's record label that would send me out and travel with bands. How awesome would that shit be!? Travel the U.S. and do what I love?! Fuck yea!

Side note: I also moved to IL cause I fell in love with a band dude....that became my husband and gave me a beautiful baby.

That was my dream. Traveling the U.S. and doing what I love, photography. Hell, at 18, I was hoping to be a cross country trucker to do just that! Minus bands. High class right here.

Not my best stuff, but it's what I got on the comp.

Ever think of the things you would "like" to do before marriage and kids?? Do you look back and say "oh fuck me" (thank you Gordon Ramsey for putting that into my lingo) Or do you just accept the happiness and do what I photography.

Gunnar's First Christmas Photo Shoot

Don't get me wrong. I love my life. Every aspect. I'm just thinking about it, cause now, of the job I have, I miss being "me". The crazy colored hair punk rock girl...or just being out of the ordinary.

 Yup....this is me, giving you an insight. My loves. Every aspect. Loves. Good oles days and good ole present days. At 29, that life seems like an eternity ago. I love everything that's around me. Now it's just get outta this "artist block" and get back at it! Oh fyi, I lost a bet and that's the reason I had to change my hair to normal unfortunately stuck around ever since.


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